Dog Deodorizing Spray

Dog Deodorizing Spray   The ideal and environment friendly product for dog cages, bathrooms, living rooms etc. Thanks to its active agents the deodorizing spray eliminates all unpleasant smells.    

Ear Care Drops

Ear Care Drops  With Special dropper for easy cleaning & care the soft way, Ear Care has a self cleaning & deodorizing effect. Using it regularly prevents dirt collecting in the ears and such con-sequences as dogs rubbing their ears.    

Dental Spray

Dental Spray   Application: Shake the bottle before use, Use the spray at room temperature, Spray the Cleaning sprat Once or twice onto the teeth, this Procedure should be repeated twice a week, Preferable after feeding.     Dental Care Set Mint Flavor  Helps to prevent the build-up of tartar. Improve the hygiene in theRead More

Varieties Shampoo for Dogs, Puppies & Cats

Varieties Shampoo for Dogs, Puppies & Cats Use the shampoo sparingly as necessary for the size of the pet. Apply shampoo to the wet coot, spread evenly and rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat if necessary, After washing the coot, it is important to rub the animal dry and keep it well protected from drought.  Read More

Dry Clean Powder

Dry Clean Powder The Dry Clean Powder Deodorier and mildly cleans the coat without bathing, it neutralize bad odors and results in a beautiful well-groomed coat, This product is suitable for frequent use, especially for young animals over the age of 12 weeks.   The dry powder is to be used only on dry coats,Read More

Foam Shampoo

Foam Shampoo  For Dos and Cats Apply to dry coat no-rinse shampoo This foam shampoo with hand foam dispenser ensures and easy closing. it cleans the coat in a gentle way so that batting will be unnecessary, The fragrant foam neutralize bad odors and provides a shiny and well-groomed coat.